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No matter how erratically your computer might behave, — will resolve all your issues instantly and on the spot. What is more, if we cannot solve your problem on a single. provide both hardware and software support for our customers round the clock on all days. This includes, among others, system set up, OS issues, and IT related issues, Internet connectivity matters, hardware and networking questions and answers and a host of hardware hurdles that often baffles the common user. This apparently difficult assignment is achieved through our team of highly skilled IT technicians who are especially trained to tackle complex computer related problems with the help of appropriately adopted diagnostic tools and software that can go to the core of a problem and identify the same. We also encourage our customers to discuss about their problems with us in simple non-technical language, suitable for common men and women. In addition, we provide offsite or remote support that does not need the onsite attendance of service engineers.
Software manufacturers often have extensive knowledge bases at their web sites. These take the help file one step further, illustrating techniques beyond what on-line documentation does. They can also be excellent troubleshooting sources.
Copying and pasting an error message into a knowledge base can give specific help on your problem. But knowledge bases suffer from some of the same limitations as help files, most notably the “I don’t know what to call it” syndrome.
Official support forums
Official support forums can be an important addition to a knowledge base, allowing users to ask a wider range of questions. We can get answered of software problems and solutions by our experts.
The problem is that most software companies don’t offer support forums, since they require too much employee time to be effective. Those that do are often swamped by users, so it can seem hard to get anyone’s attention. Visit link for more info:-
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