DFS players say that daily fantasy sports isn’t gambling because it’s a game of skill. Unfortunately, that argument sucks.

It is gambling. Of course it is. The typical DFS player will argue that if DFS is gambling, then the stock market is, too. They’re right. Both are gambling. But so is just about everything in life.

The argument is used primarily to try and dodge America’s ridiculous gambling laws. It goes, “if it’s a game of skill, it’s not gambling.” Wrong. Online Poker was banned in most states; it’s also a game of skill, but it’s definitely gambling.

However, (and though I’m not a fan) I appreciate Chris Christie’s line (regarding DFS): “Let people play, who cares?!”

It’s hypocritical for the government to allow gambling in most other areas of life but restrict it when bets are made…

An effective way to create great passwords with a built-in failsafe, detailed step-by-step.

Recently, I devised (at least independently) a method for password creation that is safe (effective), has steps to easily add extra layers of protection, and is usable by basically anyone, forgetful or not.

Sorry, p@ssw0rD is not “safe” and neither are Post-it notes.

Unfortunately many people still use passwords made from real words, and use the same passwords for everything. Not good, right? I think most people instinctively know this, but doing something about it seems too troublesome.

Complicated passwords are difficult to remember, so if you do create one, you create one… and use it for everything. Not good; if it’s compromised, you can lose everything.

Here’s a simple, robust solution: a pack of playing cards.

Your standard 52…

No comments on the stories read, no writing or editing? Why not?

I get that the website offers a better writing environment, but I’m sure people would like to at least comment on what they read… how many wait until they get to a computer? They have to pull up the story again just to comment; I wonder how many people will actually do that, when it’s easy to just move on.

For whatever reason, perhaps it’s technical, Medium has chosen not to make mobile blogging a priority. This makes it far less attractive to me, perhaps confusing to others, far less usable.

Perhaps they think that people won’t create longford, meaningful content on a mobile device.

I could buy that argument. Medium has to distinguish…

Why Medium is awesome, and why it pisses me off.

Seems like the best way to begin is to just start, so that’s what I’ll do.

I’d intended to try out Medium months ago, but with my disability and illness, I wasn’t able to sit at the desk (MacBook) and write. Medium doesn’t offer iOS support; I love blogging from my iPad, but that’s probably mostly due to necessity more than anything else. Though there are some good apps, too, like Blogsy, Byword and Posts.

I’ve been blogging for over a dozen years now at various services, many now defunct. Dedicating time and energy at a free service makes me a bit nervous after my experience at…

Brad Chin

Graphic designer, writer, consultant and poker player. saysbrad.com

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