You Might Not Need TypeScript (or Static Types)
Eric Elliott

I did 20 years in C++ and C# before switching to JavaScript and Ruby, and the thing I really wish I still had is Visual Studio’s ability to instantly and safely rename anything in C#. That was a truly awesome feature — because getting names right in your code is hard, iterative, and essential to code clarity and maintainability. I haven’t tried any tool for doing renames in JavaScript, and probably won’t because I was not impressed by RubyMine’s ability to rename Ruby code. My sense is it is just harder to do this super-robustly in dynamic languages. … But other than that, I don’t miss the clutter of explicit typing.

“Everybody’s always talking about all the benefits of X, but relatively few articles go into the drawbacks.”

If you put “X” in this line where you had “static types,” that explains a lot of the drama in the dev world: not fully appreciating (or even admitting) BOTH the benefits and the drawbacks of any given technology, process, tool, etc.

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