The World Has Gone Insane

(I Blame Time Travel)

Some say that time travel isn’t possible until the first time machine is made. And even then, you’d only be able to go back to the point in time when the machine was made. For example, if a time machine was made in 2016. You’d only be able to travel as far back as when that time machine was created.

I’d have packed more.

The time machine is powered up for the first time in history, immediately the whoosh of doors and mechanised future soldiers march out in droves.

In most time travel movies. When they go back in time and change something, whether it be small or large, it has a ripple effect on the timeline. A “butterfly effect” that ripples out through time. Marty Mcfly disappears from a future photograph. Ashton Kutcher loses his previously ample leg supply. Barry Allen utterly destroys all story lines across multiple television shows. You get the picture here.

Marty questions what was actually in that weed.

I think at some point in 2016 something happened.

I think they actually made it.

The time machine.

Because the world seems to have lost its fucking mind.

Donald Trump is now President of the United States of America. Pewdiepie is now a Nazi. Primark pulls a Walking Dead shirt off the shelves because “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe” is now a racist term. Ben Affleck is Batman… And he’s good at it.

Anyone who wears this shirt should be embarrassed. But not because it’s racist.

These are all things that seem to happen to characters on screens after they mess with the timeline. Before some asshole went and messed up the timeline, Trump was still firing people on TV, Pewdiepie was still just another YouTuber outside of the mainstream media’s brand new Eye of Sauron inspired social justice spotlight. The phrase “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe” still meant fuck all to anyone and Ben Affleck was the crap Batman he was always supposed to be.

For Good or for Evil, the world has gone insane.

At first I just thought it was social media and the internet providing us with excessively easy access information. That coupled with the increase in privatised media, clickbait and shock news tactics. It made sense that it would feel like the sky is falling. But the problem is…

There is an actual reality TV star in The White House.

That’s tangible. That’s real. That’s a time aberration right there.

Some worthless half busted android came back from 2655, stood on a god damned lady bug and now Ben Affleck is good at stuff.

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