Just Use The $&%#ing Mic

We’ve all been there. It’s a conference or a workshop. The room isn’t huge but it’s big enough. Or maybe it is big. Maybe it’s a small theater. The speaker gets on stage, fumbles with the microphone for less then a second and then says, “I hate microphones. Can everyone hear me if I don’t use it.”

Just use the microphone.

Yes, you need it. Trust me, you need it.

When you use the microphone, know one needs to concentrate on hearing you. They can just hear you.

Yes, if you ask, “Can everyone hear me?” People will say “Yes.” That’s because people are averse to saying “No.” Also, it’s the people closest to you are the ones who say it. You can’t hear the ones further away. They don’t have microphones.

I’m not sure what irrelevant part of people’s egos find satisfaction in the belief that their voice has more resonance than it does, but let that part of your ego go. It is not helping.

And the hosts are probably recording, by the way. Or livestreaming. The people watching the stream definitely can’t hear you, and you couldn’t hear them if they tried to say they can’t.

Use the mic.

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