Frontline report: “Blockchain” party talk
Travis Kellerman

Thanks for the mention Travis Kellerman, also pleasure meeting you at BlockFiesta.

I do want to clarify one thing about UBI. I wouldn’t say so much that I want to address or tackle UBI. In fact, I personally feel that UBI is unattainable without some serious changes to our global and social realities. Which I am hopeful for but not counting on. Also, I see UBI as a problem tech can solve rather than a government or political problem to solve, which means we have a long way to go.

Right now I just see “basic minimum markets” being a path towards raising living standards globally especially as we have 2 billion more people coming online in the next decade.

Giving everyone on earth basic access to capital and markets seems easier to tackle and could give everyone on earth a basic form of income, jobs, business opportunity, and investment.

All UBI talk aside, this approach has proven to lift people up in some of the worst situation better than any charity, UBI schemes, or other inefficient government programs of the past.

I started using the term “Basic Minimum Markets” after seeing the movie Poverty Inc. It dives into how charity and humanitarian aid can go sour and that all people really need/want is access to jobs, capital, and labor markets (among other social issues the movie touches on).

On a side note, district0x is part of an initiative in collaboration with Zeppelin to build what they term as “EVM packages“.

EVM packages are described as “Pieces of reviewed, reusable code deployed to the blockchain. EVM packages provide projects with instant access to hundreds of standard implementations without having to deploy any code, thus helping projects save costs and giving them greater flexibility with their applications.”

Hence the term “ battle-tested Lego blocks” that I often like to use.

You can learn more about EVMs and others that are building towards this Web3 standardization here:

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