“Not all those who wander are lost” ~JRR Tolkien

And Now, Something Random

A little bit of random writing I put together as part of an exchange with a friend.

I’ve always had aspirations to write more but was afraid to do so. One afternoon I had convinced a friend to share with me a song he was working on. I was able to get him to relent but only if I agree to write him something back. So after listening to his recorded progress I decided to put aside my fear of vulnerability and sent him the following.

“Do you feel the wind? Blowing through the trees and making them whisper the secrets gathered during a silent watch over our short lives. How small we must seem to them as we sit beneath their outstretched arms.

The moments of lovers and friends, children young and old, passing beneath or resting a moment. Each taking a precious second of the few afforded to us to exist in silence, song, sadness, or utmost despair. I wish I could live as long as the wood, to see my children and their children grow old and taste this life. To set out on their own with the lessons passed down from me to them with a heart full of hope and dreams for their utmost happiness.

But, then again, isn’t this wish born from such a fleeting life? To be here one moment and gone the next? Ever-changing like the wind and causing the spirits of the oak, pine, elm and beach to sigh in wonder at the existence which is so swift and yet unending. Maybe it is not the trees I wish to be but a warm breeze. To cup the cheek and hold the ones I love, teasing and playful yet soothing and so very kind.

May the days I roar in a tempest rage, albeit in anger or pain, be few and far between for the destruction in my wake would bring me nothing but regret and anguish. Dear God, let me be like the wind you breathed upon the world and leave the one I love sighing, like the whispers of the trees.”

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