My Time Working at Whataburger

For a little over two years, I have been working part-time at my local Whataburger. A little over two years of working with and serving what can only be described as a colorful cast of individuals.

Those who might know me will know that I have never been a “social butterfly” and might question why I would choose to work in an environment built on a great deal of social interaction. My cynical self thought the same thing when I threw myself into the metaphorical frying pan, completely throwing aside any sort of job preferences and deciding to start with customer service. Originally, it was simply because I needed to start somewhere and they decided to hire me for whatever reason. As the days stretched to weeks and the weeks into months, I started to take away a few things from my experience and began to really appreciate the things I had to learn.

I learned how to serve, how to be patient, and how to work with my fellow team members. I was moved around to different positions, but on most days, I would hand food out at the drive through window. I really appreciated this position, I had a small space that was under my care and I was expected to keep it clean and organized when I wasn’t serving customers. The small work space allowed me to have a comfort zone that I could take care of and put my more introverted self to work keeping it pristine; but I also was forced outside my comfort zone when handing out food and serving the various customers. I learned to love the customers that were kind and I quickly learned to be patient with the customers that where having a rough day.

As I said near the start of this post, I do not usually work well in highly social situations. While I was able to shine a bit in my own normal way while working at Whataburger, I was still pushed to work in those highly social situations that comes with customer service, and I am grateful for that. I am glad and thankful that I have been able to experience what I have these past two years.