Mental illness is a very serious matter.
Rebecca Futo Kennedy

The problem with orthodox appeals is that they depend entirely on authority for definitions. Who decides what constitutes “hate”? Is there some scientific test that can be applied to determine this? I would say no, that this sort of illiberal policing of thought is characteristic of the totalitarian state proposed by Socrates as a reductio ad absurdum in Plato’s Republic.

I would say that proposing medical treatments for mental illness, and looking at mental illness from the perspective of social science, is nothing like ideology of terrorism. Rather the ideology of hate is exactly like that of terrorism. If some fool decides to call a crime perpetrated by an Arab Muslim “terrorism” how is it wise to imitate that behavior by calling a crime perpetrated by a White Christian “hate”? This just furthers that bizarre culture war, and perpetuates misunderstanding and violence.

I know many people are taught this illiberal doctrine in liberal arts colleges. I think high time academics, especially women and minorities stand up for themselves, confront the inferiority complex that let’s them indulge in this victim mentality. Isn’t that the genuine equality? I think Martin Luther King Jr. would say it is. I think he does relate a similar sentiment in his sermon known as “Overcoming an Inferiority Complex”. How do you interpret the sermon, I’d be interested to get a perspective different from my own.

While I am being so honest, I want to relate how in my experience Republican women I know are often in jeans riding horses and herding cattle, and others wear uniforms carry guns and protect the public. Jobs that 70 years ago would have been almost unthinkable. Where Democrat women I know are often seen in delicate fashionable clothing, sitting behind a desk, typing just as any woman might have done in the 1950’s. So my question is, “Who’s the feminist?”

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