Braely Pace
Jan 9, 2018 · 2 min read

i really like this story youve given along with the relating it into your personal life and how you’ve really dealt with the seemingly impossible metaphoric mountains that we may need to climb every day. one thing that really changed how i carried myself is where i brought about my self worth. a couple years back, i would put a lot of my self worth onto how others would look at me, if someone liked me, if i had constant reassurance. i knew that was not the way i ought to look after myself. and so i set on a personal quest or push to change that, change how i saw myself, that it did not matter if someone didnt like me or if i couldnt perform a task as well as someone else. i began to figure out that i was amazing as myself, i knew what i was capable of and i have my specific talents and other people have theirs. it is okay if i can not do such thing as well as someone else, cause maybe they cant do a different task as well as i personally can. and that is okay! i began to smile more, not because i had to due to social norms and to feign a smile, but i began to smile because i wanted to get used to it, to feel normal upon smiling, not pushing something that is not true or that i do not mean. to be comfortable with being genuinely happy, and i soon saw that it was a lot easier to face the world when the only thing that was logically against me was myself. so as soon as i got over myself, i could then focus on myself. i knew i was my worst enemy and so i became my best friend. smiling at strangers became easier, talking to the cashier or waiter at a restaurant was no longer frightening, because i was then comfortable with myself and i know i wont beat myself up for messing up here and there. and that has made all the difference.