Your PC’s Cable Management Probably Won’t Affect Its Cooling Performance

It’s possible you might have heard that cables wrapped up in weird ways inside your computer might cause it to overheat. This being caused by the tangles blocking the fans that cool the computer down. It’s not necessarily the truth that this will happen. As with most internet rumors this one has its beginnings in something that used to happen to older computers when people were still figuring out why the computer was overheating and what a cooling system even meant.

This can of course be terrifying to a gamer or someone who relies on their computer for a lot of things because an overheat can mean a complete meltdown. No one wants to deal with a complete melt down of their computer and they shouldn’t have to. Luckily there’s a guy on the internet who wanted to test the theory out for himself, so we can know for sure if this is the truth.

Telling if your Computer is Overheating

Your computer usually has a component that will allow it to shut down if it starts to overheat. This will prevent damage being done due to the heat. If your computer is freezing a lot or loading very slowly then you need to see if it’s overheating. Another sign is the fan inside is working a lot louder than it normally does. If it’s only running at it’s usually pace then it’s fine, you should worry if it runs constantly and is very noisy. It’s okay for your computer to get hot occasionally, it’s just not okay for it to get too hot. Your computer works the best at room temperature. Keep your computer cool especially in the summer by having it in a room where air circulates, you don’t want it to get too stuffy

Lafreniere tests it Out

You can find the video on YouTube on LinusTechTips channel where Luke Lafreniere tests this theory out. He actually places several things inside the tangled cables like a t-shirt and duct tape to show that it’s not overheating. There is no reason you should try this at home as he’s already done it and went to extreme measures, but he just wanted to show that the way the cables are arranged doesn’t really matter. The purpose was that most never PCs have the cooling system down so they aren’t going to overheat when the cables are a hot mess on the inside.

Managing the Cables Anyway

While managing the cables might make your OCD feel better because it looks a lot nicer, it won’t actually have any effect on the way your computer cools down. The reason people think this is because in the older PCs the cables not being organized would cause a temperature problem, but that’s just not the case anymore. If you need to organize your cables you can tie them down in a way that is neat and orderly. Tying them down will make upgrades easier in the future and you’ll find less dust will accumulate inside.

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