“…if we change the way we see the world this in fact changes the way we feel and act, which in turn changes the world itself.” Douglas Abrams

My wife is an artist…a very good one! Despite her claims that she is not, the evidence shows otherwise. I have often watched her paint, but I can only do it for short periods of time. Art regardless of the medium takes a great deal of patience, not one of my strengths. Karen will take great care in choosing colours, texture and tone. …

Leadership is not just about what you do and how you do it. It’s also about what you leave behind.

You do not own your position and title, you are just a caretaker, a custodian of the responsibilities until the time comes to hand them to the next person. What will you leave? What will be your legacy?

I have often asked Leaders this about their legacy. What did they want to leave? They rarely talk about achievement and results, they talk mostly of people and teams and culture. They hope they have helped others to be better or cleared…

In his 1979 song, Gotta Serve Somebody, Bob Dylan was writing about finding meaning in life through service to God. What is unmistakable in the lyrics, is the point that no matter who we are on this planet, well…yes indeed, we are going to have to serve somebody.

What is surprising then, is how much of Leadership and Management dialogue is focused on how to effectively lead your company, organisation or team and so little on the ‘role’ leaders have to play in the service of those they work beside and report to. …

Leadership development as part of your strategy

Almost all performance, productivity and cultural challenges can be traced back to a single point of failure — Leadership and Management capability.

What I find most perplexing is that very few organisations do well when it comes to improving that capability. Some pay it no attention at all and those that do, often implement programs that are random and piecemeal, in reality only making a token response to something that is at the very heart of their own success.

Part of the reason is the failure of Executive Leadership Teams to actually think through their Leadership and Management Development Strategy…

Images of Humility

A CEO of a global tech company washes dishes in the staff kitchen. The head of a billion dollar off shore drilling operation gives his personal phone number to 400 rig workers. A company chairman, his hands black with grease, sits quietly drinking coffee with workers after helping fix a troublesome piece of earthmoving equipment. The greatest rugby league player of all time, cleans the dressing rooms after a game.

These are the images that come to mind when I think of Leadership and Humility and while they might seem small, perhaps insignificant, they reflect a deep…

You can get away with an undefined, poor or damaged culture. You may even, in the short term, be wildly successful. But great organizations, great teams, dynasties…no…that doesn’t happen without a deep and meaningful culture that permeates everything and everyone.

Culture is the sum of all individual behaviour. If you took the time to watch and quantify how each and every person in an organisation or team behaved and how they related to each other you would get a pretty clear picture of their culture.

Based on this, I used to think that building a high performing culture was just…

Mark Bragg

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