If you are a makeup artist you got to keep in mind that you are a service provider and you ought to handle your role in the most responsible manner. Whether you are new in the industry or not you must follow some of the rules that would always keep you on the top and will kick-start your career like never before.

1. Punctuality never fails to impress. Hence, keep in mind to reach 15 to 20 minutes prior to an appointment. This is the best way to create a first good impression.

2. Wear clean clothes and sensible shoes that you consider work appropriate. Profane or revealing attire is a big NO NO!

3. Speak only when it is required. Or else, be quiet and observe more. With the resources and time allotted to you try to show your talent in the best possible manner.

4. This field requires you to look fresh and pleasant all the time, therefore, you need to take care of yourself by watching your diet, doing proper exercise and taking vitamins.

5. Don’t forget to take photos of your work. When it comes to dealing with different clients, this definitely comes in handy. This is the only way to show what you’ve got!

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