Use the Right Dining Room Furniture for a Sophisticated Look

Classical Dining is a way of the past. An ode to the years of exuberance and opulence with the added nuances of preset meals. A meal was to be celebrated and enjoyed with absolute relish. There were traditions to be followed, tables to be set, arrangements to be made and food to be cooked. It’s like a symphony. The stage is set, the instruments are ready, the artists are here and it is time to hit the correct note and begin…

If you look back in time, eating has always been a community exercise. People used to come together and cook together over large fires and then break bread together. Since then we have come a long way ahead. Dining has become more experimental, more dramatic. Everybody looks for a new experience. But the daily routine never changes. We are used to eating simple wholesome food. Dining at home is a fairly basic and simple exercise. People prefer fuss free dining with minimum efforts.

In today’s day and age classical dining is a fading affair. Only the State and government dining meets are organised in a classical fashion in a large dining room. These comprise of a variety of seating options like a 6 seater dining set or an 8 seater dining set. Events where these rooms are used include visits from dignitaries, state events and so on. These rooms are reminiscent to the Vintage and imperial style of architecture from the early 1900s.

This Classical style in interior design calls for elegant silhouettes, soft shades, fine details, luxurious materials like natural wood, glass, crystal etc. Opt for balanced and chic interior that adds charm to these spaces. Strict lines and edges when decorating your dining room in classical style are a no no: everything from furniture to the accessories should promote a peaceful and cozy atmosphere. Soft faired lines are the must.

A dining room in classic style is incomplete without a built-in cupboard for storing fancy china. The floor of the room should be covered with a rug, on top of which should be placed a rectangular or oval table with carved dining chairs made from fine wood. The rest of furniture like sideboard, cupboard and buffet unit should be arranged along the wall in a neat manner. The room should feel airy and light with large french windows and sheer curtains being standard to allow for soft subdued light. The structure and setup for the windows should carry over the same enchanting theme present in the dining room with a lavishly designed frame and pristine glass panes.

Having a classical themed dining room setup for your house involves a major makeover or a considerable amount of time and investment. In a modern home a 4 seater dining set is the norm. Having taken the effort in creating a warm and homely space with a classical setup entertaining your guests and friends should now be a piece of cake. This setup will be the toast and envy of your friends.

Author is marketing executive with a leading interior designing firm in India. Click here to know more about Dining Room Furniture.