Hello World!

My name is Brahm Soedjono.

I am part of the Y generation, Am a male, and Indonesian.

Blogging and the Bloggers behind it has been always my fascination in this new digital world, or for many people, it is just the world the world how it is. My first question to myself, is what was I am going to write about? There are so many interesting topics out there in this beautiful world, but what topic would really have a positive impact on the world? The second question, is would I be able to write about that topic or topics? Well, I should, anybody with an understanding of academic writing could. We all had written a paper at least one time in our life. But then comes the next question, the fourth question, Who am I to write? People will ask about your background and your experience in a industry before even listening to what you have to say. Even though what you said might be right or could even make this world a better place. Then the very last, will people understand what I say?

We all know writing isn’t rocket science, but we all know that writing is not all too easy. Every writer’s end goal is to send a message to people, many many people, the more the merrier. The intentions could vary, for good, for evil, for science, for entertainment, or just to let those emotion out into this world. There are many different characters out there in this beautiful planet, and each character has their own agenda or goal. I just hope I’m part of the crowd that promotes the good part of this amazing planet.

After a few discussions with best of family and friends. I dare now to start this journey of writing in this digital platform. So wish me luck…….