Cain, we’ve looked into this situation and regret that it escalated as it did.

VTA needs to overhaul their training program period. After SEVEN incidents in one year, it has become clear that whatever you’ve been doing up until this point is not enough.

From an email I received from Paul Smith, former Deputy Director of San Jose Department of Transportation,

“…last August the East Side Ride was headed east on Alum Rock when the VTA bus driver passed and then cut right into the crowd of cyclists forcing us all to scatter. Council member Carrasco was in the group with us. Based on what I’ve seen and what you describe, I’d say VTA needs to train their drivers and then actively solicit input on these type incidents, investigate and discipline those who break the law or violate VTA operating policy.”

VTA will be held accountable for your actions. Also, don’t you ever victim blame me again Cody. You have no right to “encourage me to use my lights” after I almost lost my life.

Either start advocating for REAL change beyond a slap on the wrist, or shut up and get out of the way. I’m done playing the lip service game with you and your organization.

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