Token Symbol: CRYO

ICO Stage 1(Private Placement): 17 Oct 2017 — 9 Nov 2017

ICO Stage 2 (Pre-ICO Stage): 7 Nov 2017 — 1 Jan 2018. During which tokens will be provided with a 30% discount.

ICO Stage 3 ( ICO-stage): The exact dates are to be determined by the results of pre-ICO sales in December or January. Price of tokens will vary from 85% to 100% of cover price.

Tokens issued: 500000 tokens

Accepting: Only CRYO

What is CRYOGEN?

CRYOGEN is a Blockchain based technology. It is a platform where cryonics technology is integrated with crytocurrency technology to improve the area of Cryonics.

What is Our Goal?

The aim of this project is to attract the attention of the world scientific community to this technology, to stimulate fundamental research of creating a completely safe thawing technology. Our activity will boost studies and researches in this field. The results obtained during our work can be used to improve dramatically the quality and longevity of people around the world. The crypto-economic breakthrough provides a chance to make a breakthrough in science, due to the mechanism of crowd investing, which allows attract funds to projects 2 or 3 times faster than through the mechanisms of the classical investment cycles.

What problems does CRYOGEN Solve?

  1. It solve the problem of ageing as a biologically irreversible process
  2. It solves the problem of absence of donor organs cryobanks
  3. It solves the problem of insufficient financing of fundamental cryonics research
  4. It solves the problem of low life expectancy
  5. It solves challenges involved in space travel: Humanity grapples with the challenges of ever-longer duration space travel. However, clearly, the life support and provisions of space travelers with nutrition during long space voyages related to huge expenses. Thus, it is necessary to create technologies for space suspended animation to make ultra-long space travel possible.

How will CRYOGEN work?

Crypto-investors (regardless of the size of the investment) have the right to take part in the management of the CryoGen. To do this, they must make a note in their Personal account on the project’s site The “weight” of the vote will be determined by the percentage of purchased tokens from the total amount of tokens invested by persons wishing to participate in the management of the CryoGen.

In this case, people who bought tokens and then spent them on the services of Cryo-Market, do not lose the right to participate in the part, corresponding to the amount spent. That is, an investor who bought, for example, 40,000 tokens and later spent 32,400 tokens on the cryopreservation of the full-body, will have the right to participate in managing the Neo-DAO as if he has 40,000 tokens in his account but not 7600. This is done to increase the influence in the management of those people who are interested in the development of cryonics.

Once a year, but not more often, the investor can change his status from “Interested in management” to “Not interested in management” and vice versa. An investor who stated that he is interested in management, but who participated in less than 50% of the voting and other online and offline events of the CryoGen during the year, is automatically deprived of the right to participate in the management of the CryoGen project for the next year for a period of 1 year.

In a year, he can again choose his status. This type of control we called Neo-DAO (or CryoGen — model), as it is slightly different from the traditional DAO model. However, we think our management model is more suitable for the development of cryonics, since it attracts a more interested contingent to management. The level of influence of the current management and scientific and other specialists of the project will be determined by a common solution.

CryoGen Cryo-Market Today, the CRYO tokens may be used for the purchase of (prices specified with a 10% discount):

  • DNA preservation — 800 CRYO;
  • Neuropreservation — 16 200 CRYO for people living abroad and 13 500 for those permanently living in the Russian Federation;
  • Transportation — 3000–9000 CRYO;
  • Whole body cryopreservation (fill-body) — 32 400 CRYO;
  • Animal cryopreservation — 9 000–32 400 CRYO (depending mainly on the size of the animal); — Standby services (standing by the bedside of a patient) — 45 000–90 000 CRYO;
  • Launching cryonics patients into space: starting at — от 180 000 CRYO. Further prices for services offered by CryoGen will be brought to the attention of those who wish to use them on the CryoGen project website and in other ways.

What are the potentials of the CRYO Token?

  1. The number of tokens is limited.
  2. Payment with CRYO only To pay for some cryonic options, services of digitizing archives, brain / body cryopatient and pay with a discount of 10% services on Cryo-Market is possible with Cryo tokens only
  3. Participation in the project Investors can participate in the development of the project by voting in the Neo-DAO that is being created.
  4. Revenue Every year, at least 20% of Cryogens profits will be directed to the payment of dividends.
  5. Partner network As the project develops, we will connect new companies to our partner network, which means that you will be able to pay for various services with Cryo tokens beyond CryoGen. For example, full or partial digitization of the genome in partner companies, specific scientific researches, purchase of equipment, refrigerants, etc. in our subdivisions.
  6. Partial purchase of tokens (cumulative purchase equivalent) You do not need to purchase the full product at once as you can get it by collecting a number of tokens you need over a required amount of time.
  7. Ease of acquisition Any new user will be able to purchase Cryo tokens on exchanges at the current exchange rate. Now we are negotiating with stock exchanges. The number of exchanges working with CRYO tokens will gradually increase. We will notify the crypto community about new opportunities for the acquisition and conversion of the CRYO token.

How will revenue from sales be distributed?

Building of cryonics centers and international scaling of CryoGen: 30%

Technology development: 25%

Marketing, PR/GR: 20%

Project management (including legal and administrative expenses): 15%

Strategic partners: 5%

Reserve fund: 5%

How far have the CRYOGEN project gone?

The CRYOGEN project was divided into phases. This is to make sure that detailed attention is given to every part of the project.

CRYOGEN began development in 2014, the management of famous Russian cryonics company KrioRus ( — CryoGen project leader, at the invitation of the Government of Switzerland, visited six cantons and presented its project to open the first cryonics center in this progressive country with the aim of incorporating the company CryoGen under Swiss jurisdiction.

Today, we enter the last stage of coordination of the creation of a European cryonics provider headquartered in Switzerland, vital to the development of cryonics in Europe, along with DNA preservation, organ cryobanking, the inauguration of a genetic archive, and more.

Below is what we are working towards in the coming years

2018 — The opening of the NGO CRYOGEN with the Swiss jurisdiction.

2019 — Start of the mas experiments on reversible cryopreservation of animal organs.

2020 — The technology of euthanasia cryonics is worked out and applied. Start of the development of technologies for reliable and effective reversible cryopreservation of the mammal organs.

2021 — The technology of reliable and effective reversible cryopreservation of most mammal organs has been obtained. Experiments begin with the organs of the dying people.

2022 — Anabiosis technology developing for deep space flights.

More details can be gotten from white paper

When will sales of CRYO token start?

Token sale starts from November 7, 2017 to at least January 1, 2018. A total of 500,000 token is to be sold. It will be increased depending on sales.

Where and how will CRYO token sale take place?

The sales will take place on secure token sale wallet

What will be the price of CRYO token?

The majority of tokens in the Token Sale will be sold to buyers by the exchange rate you can find on their website.

Is CRYO token sales limited to a set of people?

Everyone can participate in CRYO token sales except citizens and taxpaying residents of the following countries: USA; Puerto Rico; Guam; Singapore, Europe, American Virgin Islands

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