Nice article, however in one year with no previous code experience you can’t call yourself a…
Danny Goncalves

Woooaaahhh, we have someone that doesn’t look like me and is encroaching into my space, ALERT ALERT! I better make sure this person knows exactly their worth by giving them a title I think they deserve.

I find it depressing you read this article and the first thought you had was this women is claiming to be someone she is not, I absolutely must inform her of this? Why? Software is already full of this sort of attitude and it is definitely no a better place for it. It is tiresome as a straight cis white man with all my privilege that comes with that, I can’t comprehend what that is like for other folks.

Amazon is piloting a program internally where we take non-technical folks and put them through an intensive course that lasts just over 1 year. At the end we call them… A Software Development Engineer. This is just one example from my extremely narrow field of view but hopefully it illustrates to you that software engineers come in all shapes and sizes. We need a more diverse engineering so badly so I can’t wait to see the fruits of initiatives like this and self starting people like Madison Kanna.

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