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Writing code as a single developer is one of the easier parts of being a programmer. There are no meetings to attend, no meta-work. Simply, pure unadulterated flow. One’s mind is free to build complex domain concepts, plucked from from the very depth of the Rube Goldberg machine that is their brain.

This part of programming is by far one of the main draws to the trade. However, it’s normally the smallest portion of an engineer’s time. A much larger part is reading other people’s code, namely in code reviews. Code reviews, are handy ways to allow other folks on…

Alert! This is an engineering blog talking about starting and researching an engineering blog…

With a world jam packed with quality engineering blogs, where does one start? Moreover, who starts them? And once you start, what do you do to maintain quality content each week/month/year?

One of the best places to start is to look to others and see what they are doing well, or perhaps what they are not doing well. Let’s dive further into how and what this research looks like, some great engineering blogs, and what those blogs have inspired our team to begin contributing.


When diving into starting a blog or painting, one of the best places to start is…

In late August, four of us from Dynamo went off to Pittsburgh PA to attend Abstractions. The conference was sold as an intersection between everyone involved in building the modern web. Since this space is quite near-and-dear to our Dynamo hearts, we thought it would be a great place to see where the web is headed in 2016 and beyond.

Overall, this was a massive conference, with four days of speakers from 9 am to 8 pm, spanning four different disciplines. There was never a shortage of talks and often very little time to grab a bite to eat during…

With Bower And Cloud66

Application asset management has exploded in the last few years with a myriad of options. No longer is sprockets the only player in the game. However, actually finding time in a busy day can block us from experimenting with these new tools. Starting green-field applications can be fun and great way to learn some of these new pieces of technology. Having just started a fresh Rails 4 app, we decided, to give Bower a whirl for our asset management. To start, we simply created the traditional bower.json and bower.rc files and described each one of our dependencies. …

Braden Douglass

Chaotician on a bender to modernize the Minitel UX/UI. Currently striving to make Ruby based ecommerce a ‘better’ place.

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