Winning on 2 wheels

The best part of my day: cycling through London?

Hello! This is my first post. I’m a keen cyclist, commute 11km each-way through central London most days and I’m passionate about keeping us safe on the streets. Touch wood, I haven’t had any major prangs so far, but I’ve seen a few. I’m sure there must be a better way of improving the overall cycle experience and how cars, bikes and pedestrians share the roads.

I’ve got a couple of ideas which I want to test out — products and apps with the overall aim of improving the cycling experience in cities. Last week I got back from 6 days riding in Majorca which gave me loads of time to think and galvanize myself into action.

Without trying to appear crazy, cycling to/from work through the capital is literally the best part of my day. I work in an office, so I hope you understand. It’s the feeling of freedom, travelling under my own power, knowing I won’t be late, and being above ground. My major struggle is the being seen in an environment where drivers, bikes and pedestrians can’t stop staring their mobiles. But I have some ideas to tackle this…

A little about me — I’m a dad, own 3.5 bikes, a dog, and live in West London. Crucially I want to share that I’m a regular driver too, and have my motorbike license, so I hope my opinions are well balanced.

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