Braiins Rebrands

May 30 · 2 min read

We’ve been super proud to run and develop Slush Pool for the last six years, but you know how every once in a while you need to switch things up and better yourself?

Well, at Braiins, we’ve been busy bees making our products and services more professional, secure, and ✨shiny.✨

So, after eight long years, Braiins is finally getting a makeover.

Braiins logo

And we’re not alone. If you haven’t looked recently, go check out Slush Pool 3.0!

It’s the same mining pool you know and love, but with the most recent major update, Slush Pool is even more functional and prettier to look at.

Slush Pool logo

By now, you probably know that Braiins OS is the only free, completely transparent, fully open-source mining firmware out there, but we’re not letting it get to our heads. From now on, we’re going to start seriously updating the look and feel of the system, starting with a fancy new logo.

Braiins OS logo

We have even more exciting updates in the works, so make sure to follow us at and on social media on Twitter and Facebook!

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Software Development & Consulting @slush_pool operator

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