Anxiety isn’t something cute


I’ve seen so many posts on Facebook that say “Anxiety is kinda cute” that I cannot even explain how much they are sad. Just plain sad.

-Anxiety is not a cool thing

They don’t know what Anxiety is. Waiting anxiously for a message from your crush is not the same as having anxiety. Counting the seconds to leave work and being anxious about your night out with your friends is not the same as having anxiety. Anxiety isn’t cool. It isn’t something to be proud of.

Anxiety hurts my whole body. It pauses my mind. It doesn’t let me breathe. I lose control over my feelings and it’s all chaos inside. Anxiety makes me feel like I’m always waiting for something to go wrong. There’s always something that could go wrong, right? Makes me feel sick. Makes my mouth dry. My hands go numb. My mind just shuts down.

It makes me cancel that dinner that I’ve planned three weeks ago. Makes me scroll down social media, looking for something, but not really paying attention to anything. Makes me procrastinate and then feel bad about it. Makes me just exist. And then, makes me anxious of doing the same the next day.

It makes me feel like I’m a bad person. That I’m being boring when I’m around people. That I’m being inconvenient. And then, at night, I can’t sleep thinking of everything I created inside my head. All because of it. Anxiety.

Taking care of my mind and tracking my day helped me a lot with it. Finding a good doctor that can help you and not judge you is fundamental. And having good friends who understand you and your anxiety is the key to feel better.

Be gentle to yourself. Take care of your body and mind. Understand your body and your brain. Learn the signs that might show that you’re about to have a panic attack. Take care of yourself, take a day off and don’t feel bad for doing so. Let everyone know how it is to live with Anxiety — and that you’re more than just that.

Note: We did not reveal the identity of the writer to keep its privacy.


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