Tips for Finding the Ideal Special Needs School for your Child

Special education schools in NYC play a crucial role in ensuring academic and social development of special students.

However, the abundance of options available makes it an overwhelming experience for most parents to ascertain the best environment for their child.

Although the final decision should be made in accordance with the unique needs of special children, some note-worthy tips for selecting the right special needs school in NYC are-

The Basics

In order to find a school that serves the unique requirements of a child with special needs, it is essential to take some important factors into consideration; these factors might not necessarily be important for ‘non-disabled’ students.

While some basic factors such as location, schedule, holidays, breaks and transportation remain the same, parents of students with special needs are also required to take a closer look at the infrastructure and teaching staff of the school.

For instance, if a child has any physical difficulty which mandates the use of a wheelchair, parents should look for a school that is either on a single floor or has elevators. Likewise, a child with speech-sound disorder should be enrolled in a program with a speech language therapist.

Therefore, the first step is to create a preliminary list of special education schools in NYC to ensure an all-inclusive development of special children.

Many schools offer educational facilities and related services solely for students with special needs, while others develop a heterogeneous environment through an inclusion of special students into traditional academic settings.

An assessment of the child’s social and emotional strengths can help parents in making the right decision.

School Environment

The next step is to gather useful information regarding the functioning of the short-listed schools. This includes an evaluation of the instructional method utilized by special educators to promote learning in special students.

Researches have shown that weak students taught by teachers with good instructional practices often outscore average students taught by teachers using ineffective methods. This is important, for students with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia and/or Visual Perceptual/Motor Deficit learning disability.

Parents should also check the school website to understand the mission statements and educational philosophies of the schools to narrow down their list.

Visiting Schools

School visits are key to determine the best special education school for a child. They provide parents the opportunity to interact with teachers and administrators to gather useful information, and evaluate the school atmosphere to ensure the safety of their child.

Parents are recommended to prepare a special education school checklist before visiting. This list may include the teaching style and standard class size as well as the counselling sessions and healthcare facilities offered by the school for children with special needs.