tl;dr: 2018 was an exciting year for brainbot: We are working on awesome projects in the blockchain space, we’ve had many great additions to the team, and: We are still hiring!

Memorable Events from 2018

2018 started off with a lot of “physical movement”: The Berlin team moved into the FULL NODE Co-Working space, while the Mainz team moved into a new office in Mainz.

We sponsored and mentored at ETHBerlin hackathon. We attended the Web3 summit and Jannik presented a pragmatic approach for Building Minimum Viable PoS Sidechains based on Aura.

Heiko discussed Ethereum’s scalability with Vitalik, Karl, Liam and Hsiao-Wei in a panel at the TechCrunch Ethereum meetup in Zug.

Some of the brainbots took part in the Status #cryptolife Hackathon and won the first prizes for “Universal Login” and “Social Track”!

Heiko Hees, founder of brainbot technologies

tl;dr: We are looking for new team mates to work with us on cool blockchain stuff.

I started working on Ethereum core development in early 2014 — mainly out of curiosity about blockchains, their technology and application areas. Back then, there was no certainty that Turing-complete blockchains would actually work at all and I didn’t expect that spending my time on this open source project would ever turn out to be useful in a business context.

Fast forward three years. The Ethereum stack has become the first choice of developers in a currently $100B valued blockchain ecosystem. While the Ethereum…


The Raiden team at brainbot technologies is happy to report development progress is under way full steam. We are looking back on a highly successful year. Lefteris joined to manage the Raiden team, we released a series of PoCs, the raidEX project started and much more.

Steady progress towards an MVP

After releasing our first Proof of Concept, POC-0 in August of last year, we started working towards frequent PoC releases on a weekly basis.

However, focus in general has shifted towards creating the Raiden Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Its expected release date is around March 2017 and it will come with a proper…

Brainbot Technologies

Creating the core building blocks that enable broad adoption of public blockchains with a focus on Ethereum.

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