Design iOS App Icon that add value to your App

An app icon is one of the elementary components of marketing. It helps user come across the set of services or the product through a glace within an instance. Many times it happens that people work around every aspect of app development except app icon which makes it difficult to draw attention from app store-browsing users. Before we hop on to the methodology section, let’s get familiar with the exact icon size on different devices:

Now, as we have the dimensions, let’s check out how to turn your iOS app icon into a user magnet. Consider including the below-mentioned parameters while designing an app icon for Apple devices:

Unique and Simple

Of course, selected icon design should be unique and simple to let the users come across your business prospects and services offered within a glance. It is safe to play with ideas derived from popular apps but to retain the publicity of your app it should be something never seen before.

Easy to Recognise

Your app is one out of millions. Make sure to keep the reminiscent quotient as high as possible. For instance, WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in the world. If we dissect their app icon, it is as simple and unique to help users recognise the app in a blink of an eye.

Avoid using Photos and Words

Even if the chosen photo is unique and fits the shape and size, consider it a sheer blunder for your marketing strategy. There are a good number of chances it creates a cloud of confusion and makes user gives a vague impression of your app. Usage of words is also not recommended due to small real estate available for experiment with your designing command.

Different Length and Breadth

As your app will be accessed on different devices, create icons that mould s perfectly across the wide range of Apple devices. There are multiple websites which offer the same service. You can simply derive different sizes of images through one submitted image.


Consider the locale of the target area as an important area of concern while designing your app icon for iOS devices. If your app is meant for use across different countries, make sure to consider that certain symbols/colours/names may convey a different impression in other parts of the world. Take help from your localisation team to decide the localisation quotient of the final icon.

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