BPB on 2015

BPB — A look back on the year…

I’m jetting off to the Big Apple tomorrow for Christmas, but just before I do, there’s time to take a look back through BPB 2015….

C is for Cologne! “As well as having a beautiful cathedral, Cologne is also host for the largest annual gaming convention in the world; Gamescom. […] Playing video games is something my brother and I did as a casual hobby when we were young. Now, I learn that some colleges in the USA are actually providing scholarships for elusive, elite young players. Yes. That’s right. Go to college for free because you’re great at ‘League of Legends’.” Read the full post here.

H is for Holiday! “For me, a student with no pressing commitments, summer time is a blast. I am lucky to have two confirmed trips this summer, and a few more unconfirmed ones in the pipeline. However, for some, especially parents with small children, summer time proposes a new set of problems.” Read the full post here.

R is for Relationships! “So, for me ‘love’ means a near complete reveal. It is as close as we can ever get to an entire opening up of oneself to another person. Yes, terrifying.” Read the full post here.

I is for Identity! “If you consider the question; “Will I be the same person in ten years?” the answer, intuitively, seems to be either yes or no.” Read full post here.

S is for Sugar! “Sugar is a chronic (long lasting), dose dependent hepatotoxin (meaning it causes chemical damage to the liver). Doesn’t sound so sweet now. Sugar, when unbalanced with fibres, gives a significant, immediate boost to your blood sugar levels. Your brain can’t handle it, so your liver starts producing insulin which turns some of this energy into fat so it can be stored. Et voila. The sugar in your ‘non-fat yoghurt’ just got turned into fat. Thanks a lot liver.” Read the full post here.

T is for Test Results! “On the 13th August 2015 thousands of young people went to collect their A Level results. Results day can be a celebration or a devastation. In any case, it produces the bad kind of butterflies in your stomach.” Read the full post here.

M is for Memories! “The memories we build up of our countless experiences shape who we are. In fact, my ever growing collection of experiences is who I am. Having this particular collection of memories is what makes me, me. My view, I suppose, is that collections of memories are persons.” Read the full post here.

A is for Acting! “One of my actor friends was recently told by her agent that she ought to make a twitter account, follow a bunch of casting directors, then unfollow them, then follow them again so that her name would ‘keep popping up’…she reacted with great dismay. Is this what it’s come to?” Read the full post here.

S is for Sisterhood! “ “Because of our social circumstances, male and female are really two cultures and their life experiences are utterly different.” — Kate Millett.” Read the full post here.

And what does it spell?! Thank you very much for reading this year! I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Catch you in 2016!

Originally published at bedpostblonde.tumblr.com. (23/12/2015)