Brainstarter Affiliate Program. Simple Guide
3 min readDec 21, 2023

Brainstarter unveils its Affiliate Program, inviting enthusiasts to join and earn rewards by promoting the purchase of $BRAINS tokens. The program offers an easy way to monetize connections, communities, and networks while contributing to the expansion of Brainstarter’s user base.

Getting Started

To activate your affiliation program, go to the following link: Once you’re on the affiliate program homepage, you’ll need to enter your account details to sign up for affiliation. Fill out the required information and complete the registration process.

After successfully registering, you will be redirected to the profile edit page. Here, you will need to provide your address as a KYC (Know Your Customer) requirement. Additionally, enter the wallet address where you want your rewards to be distributed. Click the “Save” button to confirm your changes.

Navigating the Dashboard

Once you’ve confirmed your profile details, access your affiliation dashboard. Here, a distinctive referral link awaits, designed for sharing within your network. This unique link serves as the key to earning rewards whenever someone uses it to purchase $BRAINS tokens.

Earning Rewards

Your dashboard acts as a hub for monitoring the accumulation of rewards as your referrals make purchases. With every successful acquisition made through your referral link, you automatically earn rewards up to 10% of the transaction value in accordance with the terms and conditions of the affiliate program.

Additional Benefits

One intriguing aspect of the Brainstarter Affiliate Program is the opportunity for personal purchases. Users can avail themselves of a 10% discount on their own token purchases, effectively providing a cashback incentive. This feature not only encourages participation but also incentivizes personal engagement within the platform.


The Brainstarter Affiliate Program stands as a gateway to financial opportunities within the world of digital currencies. Through a straightforward process of registration, sharing, and monitoring, participants can effortlessly earn rewards while contributing to Brainstarter’s growth.

As the world of cryptocurrency continues to evolve, the Brainstarter Affiliate Program offers a compelling avenue for both enthusiasts and novices to engage, earn, and benefit from the dynamic landscape of digital assets.

Start your journey today and join the league of affiliates shaping the future of $BRAINS tokens and the Brainstarter platform!



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