The wide scope of applied Data Science in almost all industries is mostly because of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

This topic always sparks a debate revolving around the impressive opportunities these technologies offer, as well as their diversity and infinite potential.

But, we rarely talk about what lies beneath the surface — what is the core of this complexity called Data Science?

To discuss these topics, we interviewed Filip Nikolovski — a Maths and Statistics professor with 10+ years of teaching experience. Filip’s an instructor on our Data Science Bootcamp as well, specializing in the Module statistics.

Brainster is a global community of 9000+ professionals working in the digital industries. We help ambitious people learn UX/UI Design and Data Science for a high paid and secure career.

Today on the blog, we invited Lena from Female Founders Austria to share some insights from the local startup scene. Read her full interview👇

Brainster —

Lena —

Hi, thanks for having me! At Female Founders we are currently working on building a European…

Thanks for having us on the 188th evening meetup UX Vienna community👋

Gorjan Jovanovski, an Eco Activist, TED Speaker, and UX/UI Design instructor at our Bootcamps was speaking on the topic A/B Testing — Democratisation of Decision Making.

A/B testing (also called split testing) is comparing two versions of a web page to figure out the better performing variation. This presentation was filled with examples and best practices from the personal experiences of Gorjan.

Until recently, Gorjan was a Team Lead in in Amsterdam, but he decided to pursue his life mission — to improve air quality globally —…

Cool instructor alert.🔥 Amedea Derenda Mujezinović is a firm believer that users know best when asked the right questions. She is an instructor on the Brainster UX/UI Design Bootcamp in Vienna.

She approaches product development with the design thinking mindset.

Currently works at a company called MESI, building very sexy medical devices for primary healthcare. She works as a UX designer and Product manager on different digital products, ranging from diagnostic apps for healthcare professionals to digital products that support business development and digital transformation inside the company.

She’s also one of the hosts of Ljubljana Service Jams (service design…

Join us on the 17th of August for a free lecture on product design🚀


Involving UX as early as possible is crucial to the success of a product because it allows user insight to guide the project, avoiding costly mistakes and development rework after the product is built. Almost every designer comes to a moment where they are faced with the possibility of redesigning a product that was built with no consideration for the “user-centered” mindset.

An increasingly large number of digital products are created every year. As the need to create products that satisfy user’s needs grow, so does…

Spending years in education facilities, we all remember certain teachers that influenced us .

This usually comes from fascination with their transferred particles of wisdom, their kindness, or their great personality.❤️️

When we met Damjan Obal, he was going to be the one making major impact on our UX/UI Design Bootcamp students.

He’s a self-proclaimed generalist, walking the rope between research and design for 20+ years, cracking complex challenges, and thriving in interdisciplinary teams where design meets quantitative and qualitative research.

Meet your instructor.👇

Hi Damjan! To start off this interview — tell us a bit more about your role at Pexip. What’s your current professional focus?

At Pexip, I have this hybrid role and open invitation…

Everyone involved in the evolving realm of Data Science, know exactly what ICCV is.

For the rest, ICCV is one of the biggest scientific conferences on Computer Vision, in 2019 taking place in Seoul, South Korea.

Why is this information relevant, though? 🧐

ICCV 2019 received 4303 papers, of which 1040 have been admitted, and 187 have been selected for public presentation in the conference auditorium filled with 6000 visitors.

That one time in 2019, among the…

As a recent community in Vienna, we want to hear the local stories worth sharing. To break the ice, we asked Victoria, Benjamin, and Andreas to share their startup journey. is interoperable art archive that allows users to share saved artworks, simplifying communication between artists, galleries,
collectors, and exhibition spaces, .

Co-Founders Victoria Dejaco and Benjamin Novak

Brainster —

Victoria —

That’s the first problem: The…

…And transform your career

The world shifted in 2020. The skills became our superpowers, demanding from us to take the next step and future-proof our careers.

How will the world look like in 10–15–20 years🧐?

But pursuing a tech career is one of the most secure paths one can take to become resistant to the next shifts in the world.

Admissions are open for the Fall Brainster Bootcamps for Data Science and UX/UI Design in Vienna, and,


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