Why Migrating to the Next Generation Magento 2 will Benefit the E-Commerce Website

Magento is a popular and leading open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP language. It is one of the most preferred e-commerce platforms due to its various striking features and benefits that upsurge the shopping experience of the customers. And with the release of Magento 2, the features have been further upgraded with the improved page caching, and enterprise-grade scalability. Many e-commerce websites that were previously using other platforms such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or Shopify decided to migrate to Magento 2. They are getting in touch with a reliable Magento eCommerce Development Service Provider for a smooth transition at an affordable cost.

Today the market is overcrowded with e-commerce websites. It creates a very stiff challenge for the online business owners to generate leads and get the attention of the customers. However, open-source technology such as Magento allows the site to obtain superior performance.

Let’s have a view at some of the important stats and figures-

· According to research, about 2.5 million active websites are using Magento and around 11k sites using Magento 2.

· Magento will have more than 200% more web traffic by 2020.

· Magento will also serve an expected number of 2.9 billion mobile customers by 2020.

· The USA is leading in using the Magento platform followed by the United Kingdom and Germany.

· Magento also powers 1% of the internet.

Magento 2 is better than its previous version. It offers improved flexibility, user-centric design, optimum user experience, sturdiness, and security. With an updated version, you can enhance your product visibility and gain concurrency to stay ahead in the game. Thus, you should seriously think about considering the Magento web development company for Magento 2 development services.

Building an e-commerce site on Magento 2 platform will benefit three categories of people on the trot. They are-

· the users,

· the e-commerce site owner, and

· the developer.

How Does a User Gain Advantage

Advanced Search

With changing trends in Magento e-commerce development, the customers have become more tech-savvy. They indulge in an extensive search using the filter option to find a more specific product that suffices their needs. Magento 2 offers improved navigation service to help in product discovery in reduced time. Even first-time visitors find it easier to get across the website.

Personalized Solutions

The customers like to get personal attention Magento 2 enables e-commerce websites with various facilities. It includes real-time tracking, listing products according to their preferences, a seamless payment system, and browsing history.

It helps to increase the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and allow an opportunity to create a loyal customer base. It encourages consumers to buy more, which can enhance the ROI for the business.

Simplifying the Cart Checkout Process

One of the factors that attract customers to an e-commerce website is a hassle-free checkout process. Magento 2 has streamlined this procedure, which has brought a decline in the cart abandonment rate. A visible change is asking for the account registration after making the purchase. The next step is reducing the length of the form and making it simple. Magento 2 allows you to integrate various payment options including the Cash on Delivery.

The Benefit for an Online StoreOwner

An Interactive and Responsive Web Design

Whether it is a mobile application or a website, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) plays a significant role in gaining the focus of potential customers. Magento 2 offers customer-centric and user-friendly UI and UX responsive designs.

Simplifying the Inventory Management

Magento 2 has a powerful set of tools at the backend. It helps in real-time management of sales and orders, simplifies the inventory management process, shipping, and automates the generation of reports. It escalates the user experience of the backend users.

Optimizing SEO and SMO

Both Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization are vital parameters that help to increase web traffic. Magento 2 optimizes SEO and SMO using modular approaches. You can use the drag-and-drop visual merchandising to optimize product visibility.

Support for Multiple Currencies and Languages

Magento 2 lets you expand your e-commerce store beyond the geographical limits. It supports the integration of multiple currencies and languages to reach out, global customers using a single platform.

What’s in Kitty for the Developers

Magento 2 is an Open Source Platform

With Magento 2, the developers will get all the major benefits of an open-source e-commerce platform. The developers have the leverage to choose their preferred Magento2 themes and templates based on the requirements of the project. They can also select different extensions, modules, widgets, and documentation. Furthermore, they also get extended support of the ever-growing Magento community to create highly intuitive and attractive online stores.


Since Magento is an open-source PHP-based platform, it is easily compatible with the latest version of the PHP framework such as Zend. It also comprehensively supports all the main databases like MySQL, Oracle, and Hadoop.

Robust Security

One of the changes in Magento 2 from its previous version has been updated security. It offers a change in the structure of the directory from the source. The skin folder has been eliminated from the root directory. It means there are only five folders in the root directory as compared to nine in the earlier version.

The Magento team has developed a new directory named as Pub. Also, folders such as JS, SKIN, and ERROR has been shifted from the root directory. It makes it extremely difficult for hackers to crack or steal codes.

Simple Integration

The integration of e-commerce was a challenge due to technologies such as Big Data and different databases such as NoSQL. But Magento 2 simplified the process. You can easily integrate data, third-party tools, and services.

Encourages Seamless Programming

Magento 2 provides an enriched JavaScript library that helps to conduct hassle-free programming. The developers get access to the jQuery library and Prototype conflicts which assist in incorporating new features and functionalities.

Flexible Platform

Magento 2 is a component-based structure of modules, which improves the flexibility and performance of the online store. The developers are free to either enable or disable components based on the project requirements. It allows them to keep a clean codebase.

Faster Development and Speed

Magento 2 also has a View in Module feature, which can remove difficulty during the development process to increase the efficiency of the developers. Thus, the project can be completed within the stipulated deadline. View in Module also allows reducing the configuration time.

Magento 2 enhances the speed of development by 20% in comparison to the earlier version.

Wrapping Up

The face of e-commerce has changed drastically posing new challenges for the online store owners. However, migrating to an advanced platform such as Magento 2 can keep you ahead in the competition. The latest version offers an arsenal of features that helps to improve your site navigation and meet the ever-growing expectations of the customers. So, Contact Brainvire a leading Magento Development Company to build your e-commerce website on Magento 2 and stay ahead in the competition. May other technologies are having their own benefits but Magento stands out in the competition for eCommerce development.

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