Beating the Self Procrastination.

Brajesh Rai
2 min readSep 5, 2021


Hi Everyone! Brajesh Rai here, an avid music lover, sustainability, football, and a curious Googler who doesn’t stop acquiring knowledge about every damn international topic.

This is my first post in medium, and I want everyone in the Medium communities to support me to beat this self -procrastination of not doing things systematically.

My purpose to write this post was to restrain myself from not getting caught in this vicious loophole of not doing things.

So, here I am doing the most uncomfortable thing, which is ‘writing’.

Writing or speaking English was the most difficult task for many of us because we came from a conservative middle-class family that had spent half of our schooling in the Hindi medium.

But I understood earlier that fear always drives more fear as no one dares to change the rules which have been set for years due to different circumstances. I am still bad at English, but that doesn’t stop me from exploring different opportunities and cultures.


The worst drug that has hit the human race is ‘PITY’.

I have gained confidence in beating this resistance in my mind by watching some of the great people that I later discovered. Why on earth I have discovered them so late, I still don’t know /-_-/

One of them is Ali Abdaal- That guy is a goldmine of knowledge. His knowledge can be seen in the way he presents himself and everyone should check his content on Instagram also.

I later realised that if you want to be smart, you have to observe smarter people who resonate with your circumstances and goals.

So my main motive is to Keep Learning and Keep growing.

If you dont attack the Day, Then Day will attack you.

First of all thanks to everyone for helping me out and reading this, and to Medium for this wonderful platform.

If you loved my first post, please do comment and share your feedback.

Be happy for yourself. Connect and share your thoughts.

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