Gargh! Another designer sprouting the fallacy that UX design is some modern discovery.
Chris Howard

Now, tell us how you really feel!

In all seriousness… There is no logical fallacy here. Obviously ‘UX’ existed before the 90s. But the commercial context was completely different. The world was still stuck in the industrial paradigm, where technology push dictated the way forward. Engineer-driven economy got away with the old adagio of “Build it and they will come”.

Thankfully that has changed. “Build it, and they will likely ignore you” is the reality these days if you don’t pay mind to your market. And that has led to the focus on UX. Forward looking companies are paying attention to designing around their users rather than force-feeding them raw technology. This requires a completely different way to go about innovation, one that -for the first time in history- doesn’t consider design a superficial budget-waster or afterthought, but a fundamental starting point to meaningful innovation.

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