Launching a new feature can be scary for both yourself and your customers. We’ve listed some strategies you can apply for your next product launch.

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It has never been easier for engineering teams to build and release new features for your customers. This fits well with our philosophy of shipping value to customers on a regular basis but does your customer experience this in the same way? And who should be in charge of releasing new features?

Releasing fast and often can be very disruptive from a customer perspective when they are used to a certain way of working and that way has now changed for what appears to be no reason. In addition to that, your support team is usually not up to date and thus cannot help your customers. All of this can quickly snowball into creating a customer perception of a company that does not design or release with their customers’ best interests in mind which leads to decreased loyalty and sales. …


Bram Devries

Software engineer @madewithlove

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