It was a very dark afternoon. The clouds were purplish blue, and the sky was almost black. Lights were lit up everywhere and the Jakarta’s traffic was almost jammed as usual.

Thousand miles away from a taxi that took me to my destination, Trump has been officially won the election…

Pada suatu makan malam yang tak direncanakan, saya bertemu dengan seorang kawan lama. Terlalu lama sampai kami lupa untuk saling menyapa di detik pertama.

Samar-samar ingatan saya mencoba menerka kapan kali terakhir kami bertemu. Nihil. Jabatan tangan dan pelukan sesaat mendahului pikiran saya yang berusaha untuk menebak.


Tetapi sama…

The longest 7 minutes in his life.

He simply didn’t know what was true.

One Minute

He looked outside the window. A heavy rain poured against a blurry window..

There’s nothing outside. He could not hear a thing unless the rain. But behind his back, he knew that his angry father was having a war with his clumsy mother.

A few days ago, I endured unwanted user experiences when I was swimming into the depth of LinkedIn. I saw that some of us have been treating LinkedIn mistakenly. At least, in my (humble) opinion.

It’s cliché but it’s the truth: some of us think using LinkedIn as Facebook. But…

How to deal with it.

Bullies are like disease. They can attack any parts of your body. Any parts of your life. And bullying is everywhere: at school, Internet, home, and (not so surprising) at workplace.

Bullying that exist in the workplace can affect us greater. A place where we…

What does make a good manager? If you’re a manager, you may ask this question to yourself in front of your bathroom mirror in the late morning. Do you find the answer?

Having worked in three different companies, I realized something quite important. A manager is a role model. Managers…

‘Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?’

I sat elegantly in an HR room, accepted the question right in front of my face. It was five years ago. I actually didn’t plan anything for the next five years. But I read, so I answered the question based on the book I bought to prepare my interviews. I…

How much is enough? Never. That’s the definite answer if we talk about Samsung and Apple.

Apple and Samsung didn't come from the same embryo. Everyone knows. Samsung Electric Industries was established as an industry Samsung Group in 1969 in Suwon, South Korea. In the far away country, Apple was established on April 1, 1976, almost 39 years ago by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald…

By coincidence, I just made a not-so-short journey to The Suicide Project.

It was late afternoon when I put my fingers on my mouse and I browsed Medium to find a good article to read. That was the first time I found the site. A site where happy and…

That was unforgettable evening. We were having a live show. My news manager shook my hand and said, “Don’t come back here anymore.”

Fresh bumper music reached my ears, we were having a live show. In the other room, where I was in it, my news manager shook my hand and said, “Don’t come back here again tomorrow. Thank you.”

I can still see my field coordinator’s shocked face hung in the air.

B. Ramdhan

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