Exploring the role of UX in video games

How psychology can affect and influence game design

Toys versus games, and what they mean to us

Taking your game’s experience to 1.0.

The freedom and fun of moving through large spaces

Comparing Video Game maps

Helping players recall easily — using Gestalt principles, motion design, and Art

This is a case study to understand how nuances and flavours of UI elements are used to help immersion of players with respect to the expected fantasy and experience. It hopes to analyse a specific UI element in this regard — the weapons wheel.

Trade Fort is an app for casual and avid virtual goods traders based on the game Team Fortress 2. It offers a virtual marketplace for all kinds of commerce activities for people who want to buy and sell using the different in-game currencies and real money.


This case study presents my personal views on what could be improved in the User Experience of the 2017 PS4 exclusive game Horizon Zero Dawn

Case Study Steps

  • Information Architecture in certain sections
  • Redundancy of information amongst multiple panes in the user flow
  • Identification problems with the iconography

This is a case study I did to understand what makes this extremely active, action filled rogue-lite game tick without it’s on -screen HUD being intrusive.

Analysing a cult classic on how the physical interface can contribute to achieving a fun flow graph

Bramha Dalvi

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