The moments that pass by.

“With each passing moment, a Soul sets off to find Itself.”


Ever wondered about singling out one person In a crowd and thinking what their thoughts are at that exact moment, the vision they hold, the emotion they harness, and the words that manifest.

The story of one more.

“How we need another soul to cling to.”

-Slyvia Plath

Being an adult in the 21st century, one thing is for certain, not every time you have to have a company to do what you want to do and the other person inclined to share…

A tale of irrelevance.

“It is as if only irrelevance can be promoted as art”

- James Elkins

I woke up one day, put on my shoes, walk without heading in any particular direction, just walk with one step before the other to get ahead. One of the laces come…

An excerpt from the pandemic diaries.

A violent sand storm hits, we squint a little and zero in on what is there to see. The things no one thought was possible before. No one told you it was going to be this way.

Everyone around the world had their stories…

This time around it’s heard Louder!!

Every business has a goal and a target audience. The world is seeing a shift in how a business is run and how they acquire customers. With a lot of emerging potentials and skills, there are many small scales businesses popping up, a business…

You are heard, Loud and clear!

Familiar with the verse “Ask, You shall receive and Seek, You shall find”

A whistle sometimes can be a call for help and other times be a lending hand. There are times when you need a “Quick favor”, You turn around to look if…

Bramha Prabhu

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