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  • Not knowing for who you have built your product (who’s problem are you solving?)
  • Where to find these people
  • How to talk to them and show that your product solves their problem
  • Determining if your idea is actually…

What happens when success is communicated, not validated.

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Everyone has ideas, I have dozens that come up from time to time when I see something that reminds me of something else, or when I encounter a (new) problem. I have a Sparkfile where I note down all ideas that come to mind.

What startups can do before writing a single line of code

I know, bitching is easy — but come on people, get real.

These are all real quotes I’ve received or heard.

I love how people are pitching me their product. But please, actually pitch YOUR PRODUCT!!1

But sometimes..

“Our mobile app is available on the Google Play Store. The app itself is unique as it’s made to bridge the gap between demand and…

A short intro:

Bram Kanstein

Early stage startup expert & product builder. I teach people how to build and validate their startup ideas with @nocodemvp ‘s 💡 Made + sold @startupstash 🚀

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