Strong Woman — my gift for my sister’s marriage was this picture in a list so that she’ll never forget that she’s a Strong Woman.

My sister just got married. And as the older brother, I had the honor to be her best man, and give a speech. In preparing it, I thought long and hard about what I actually wanted to say, and eventually realized I wanted to pay tribute to everything that’s great about my sisters, my mom and my girlfriend — which is the fact that they are Strong Women. I hardly ever cry, but boy I cried, and others cried, and the experience was beautiful.

I didn’t write this to publish this (I wrote this in Dutch initially), but my girlfriend…

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What a trip…

My girlfriend and I spent the last 24 days in Iran. It flew by, and felt like we were there for three days. At the same time though, we’ve experienced and learned so much it feels like we’ve been there for three months.

Those 24 days were way too short to see the whole country, but it was plenty to make it clear that Iran is more beautiful, weird and messed up than anything we expected.

If you take a blender, put in 3 cups of theocratic regime, 5 tablespoons of amazing people, 2 teaspoons of North…

The eight-minute guide to making something people love.

As an entrepreneur, would you say innovation is life or death?

And would you say that innovation depends on knowing what your customers need?

The answer to this is probably yes, as you’ll have read a startup or innovation book or 2.

I’ve asked these questions to a lot of entrepreneurs. As you can imagine, there’s a broad agreement about these two questions.

But then I show these entrepreneurs this framework of why people buy:


Online marketplaces. Cryptocurrencies. Data and AI. SaaS.

These are all examples of business models which have seen a surge in popularity in the last decade, but they’re more than that. They’re representations of different principles — or otherwise, worldviews — that entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs use to come up with new business ideas and create value.

Each business model creates value a certain way, and has to be organized accordingly.

The online marketplace, for example, connects a disparate supply network. Its core principle — or worldview — is that value comes from organizing access more efficiently and effectively than others. …

The Goal: Your customers feeling this when using your product, by Tim Mossholder

Building a successful business requires an understanding of why people buy

Most people fall into the same trap: they try to make something their customers want. They think that down the line, there’s one golden answer to what it is their customers want.

The harsh truth is that your customers will keep on surprising you.

With that said, there are similarities in human behavior that can help you better understand why people buy what they buy.

With this piece, I hope to offer you some understanding of what goes on inside your customer’s mind, so you can align your product to their wishes, and create marketing plans to provide value to…

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Having spent the past 3 years exploring entrepreneurship, and what exactly it is that we mean with it, I’ve come to one conclusion. And that is:

Entrepreneurship is fucked.

Let me explain.

Problem 1: We party like it’s 1730

We’re back in 1730 when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Richard Cantillon, a French economist, was the first to coin the term entrepreneur. An entrepreneur, he said, is someone who undertakes a business venture with no guarantee of profits.

And so, the 21st century entrepreneur ventures off:

“Richard, that’s great! Now I know exactly what I need to do!”

And now we find ourselves in the 21st century, with…

Picture by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

This is the third in a series on the mindset of successful entrepreneurs, in which I will share the 12 mindset shifts you must make to build a successful startup. My goal for the series is to help more entrepreneurs get it right.

You can the previous parts here: part one, part two.

Your neighbor gets up, takes a package of bills from his pocket, and flings some of them across the bar to the barman.

“It’s on me.” he mumbles. “Let’s take a walk.”

Have I been here an hour, or the whole night? you wonder. You have no…

Picture by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

This is the second in a series on the mindset of successful entrepreneurs, in which I will share the 12 mindset shifts you must make to build a successful startup. My goal for the series is to help more entrepreneurs get it right.

You can read the first part here.

You look up. The barman, who looks like he’s picked a fight or two too much, puts down the two beers you ordered.

You still have no idea how exactly you ended up in a place as obscure as this one. …

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

Part 1: The problem

Imagine the following situation.

It’s 10 PM.

You turn off your laptop, tired like never before.

What was it you did today? you ask yourself, while slowly realizing that the office’s light is off and everyone in your 10 people business left.

You’ve just spent the day calling potential customers, showing people the demo of your product, keeping your team aligned and managing investor relations.

But you know it’s only to cover the fact that your business isn’t going anywhere. Most clients aren’t buying anymore, and the ones that do require so much manual labour that it’s more like you’re…

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