Connected worldwide, divided online : A Digital Divide

When thinking of something that connects everyone universally such as the online web, people tend to miss the fact that there is a digital divide among those who are connected virtually. According to a CNN interview done with Mark Zuckerberg , the creator of Facebook ( he discuses how there is a whopping 5 Billion people who are not connected online . To put that in perspective that is more than half of the worlds’ current population!

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This massive amount of people lack the ability to go online due to having no access to the internet or electronics that can give you access to the web. This is not the only kind of digital divide that exists however, there is also a divide among those who are already connected online that still find themselves to be outsiders such as people of an older age group. The people that fall into this category of being too “old” for the web, tend to not understand certain trends or slang that the majority of the web take part in or speak. In order to help combat this issue proper netiquette can be practiced that relieves the struggle of slang becoming an issue. Some of these digital divide problems such as having your grandmother not understand what a meme is for instance, can be solved much more easily than the issue of giving access to that 5 billion people world wide who do not have access to it. There are actions being taken by some of the biggest faces of the web, with Facebook being on the fore front of allowing access to people world wide which will allow individuals to viable information such as medical information that can save a life or information about crops that can yield to a better crop growth year round.

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Why would these big companies be so friendly you might ask, well it’s beneficial for them as well to have more people connected online. With all these extra people obtaining access to the internet, companies such as Facebook will be able to obtain information on these individuals that are beneficial to them. Once you give a person access to the web you get access to their mind, you’ll have access to their interests and everything they have ever wondered through the eyes of their online searches. This however can be a small exchange in order to ensure the access of the digital world to all.

Next time you wait ages for your cat video to load or complain about how long it takes to get anything done using internet explorer, remember all those that do not have access to the web let alone slow internet and take a moment to be grateful.

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By Bramooth Yuvarajan

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