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Many of you reading this have at one point in your life have had difficulty understanding certain concepts that are taught during class. In order to try learning people use popular methods such as note taking, reading lecture notes out loud, and cue cards! Quizlet is a website that allows you to create your own cue-cards and then turn them into flash cards or if you want to have some fun with it into a matching definition game.

Quizlet is fairly easy to use for beginners and requires no payments at all for its service. All you have to do is create an account or connect to Quizlet using your Facebook account (Don’t worry they do not post anything without consulting with you first). The picture below provides a template of a basic Quizlet cue-card and is labelled accordingly so you can create your own.

Link to image above (https://tekhnologic.files.)://tekhnologic.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/create-a-quizlet-set-information-screen.pngpress.com/2015/05/create-a-quizlet-set-information-screen.png

Using the instructions on the photo provided above I was able to make my own cue-cards for my EID-100 class, on some important vocabulary that I believe should be familiarized with for my upcoming exam. If you click on the link provided https://quizlet.com/169168418/eid-100-vocabulary-flash-cards/ you will be redirected to the Quizlet I created using the instructions provided on the image above, with options of which methods you would like to use to study them. I created these notes on Quizlet using notes that already exist which I obtained by going to my EID-100 lectures and then by constructing questions with answers to them. I allowed the public to see this particular Quizlet i created so i can share it with everybody but you always have the option of making it private so no one else can use the notes & cue-cards you spent time creating! The process of making these cue-cards on Quizlet allowed me to start studying the notes I had before I was even finished making the cue-cards! Because there are thousands of users on Quizlet you are able to find notes that already exist for your course, however it should be noted that these are not regulated and therefore can be incorrect (Always use notes you find online with caution! ). There are options such as Flash cards, Learn, Spell (from personal experience works best with a pair of headphones with a microphone attached), Test, Match & Gravity. Out of all these options my go to is the flash cards and matching options. Flash cards allow me to understand what I know and what concepts I think I know (We all think we understand something until we get tested on it) The matching option allows me to have fun with the notes when i’m commuting to & from school.

By using Quizlet as a studying aid and by preparing well in advance for your examinations you will never have to look like Spongebob in the gif below ever again! Good luck with all your exams everybody and have fun using Quizlet during your commute or at Home!

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By Bramooth Yuvarajan

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