Youtube : The online Innovation Hub

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What is an innovation hub? Well first, in order to understand what an innovation hub is we should look into the definition of innovation itself. According to Oxford dictionary Innovation is a “new idea, device, or method”, but this can also imply to creating a new idea, device or method off an already existing one, kind of the way a DJ would remix music to songs using courses or verses they find to be popular or enjoy listening to. A great innovation hub we all use and have never thought of it as an innovation hub is Youtube. The characteristics Youtube that makes it an innovation hub is that it allows people to connect world wide and gives an inside look at what is trendy at each part of the world. Youtube allows anyone to upload a video and to be seen , people are not restricted by personal wealth, skill or knowledge in order to upload a video onto Youtube and to be successful. Youtube is an innovation tool that anyone with access to the digital world can have access to, as long as it is not restricted in your country you will be not be required to pay extra fees to access it or are required to sign up as a member to have access to its content. A great example of innovation that is being done, is due to the influence of Youtube is makeup tutorials and fashion. People all over the world are able to upload makeup tutorials that others get to view and then innovate this makeup styles into their own style which creates a chain reaction of sorts. Innovation occurs in all sorts of forms and even in the world of gaming and business. Players post their game-play online onto Youtube which other players view and tweak to create their own playing style. A great example where this is seen is on the gaming channels on Youtube where millions of people are actively watching game-plays in order to create their own games or playing style.

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This makeup tutorial by Kaushal Beauty is a great example how one persons style can inspire and innovate another persons, in this video Kaushal takes kylie Jenners’ style with contouring and shading and innovates it to look better, cost less (the makeup used is cheaper than what Kylie uses) & I believe it’ll be safe to say done at a quicker time. There are thousands of videos on Youtube that show innovation and what they all have in common is that they allow others to view them and create a better version of what they viewing , whether it is football plays, makeup tutorials, or even dance moves. Dancers are innovating styles are at an alarming rate thanks to Youtube allowing people to see what the most trendy moves are at what part of the world which allows people to innovate their own styles based off Youtube videos, this also allows people who can not afford dancing lessons to learn how to dance and allows people to start dancing at a much younger age.

Sites like Youtube can be replicated elsewhere but will never be as a popular innovation hub as Youtube is. Why would there be a replication ? Youtube does not necessarily allow a user to upload what ever content they would like, this is due to Youtube having thousands of advertisement partnerships which require specific guidelines. This restricts creativity to some degree, this is where a site where advertisements aren’t a main contributor to the quality of a video can be successful. This being said however, Youtube allows free access to all of its content which helps move innovation forward, and as long as Youtube is around you can definitely count on seeing some amazing innovations being created. I would like to leave yous off with a quote by Steve jobs provided below, thought it would fit this topic about innovation since he’s widely known for his innovation with technology.

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By Bramooth Yuvarajan