Branamo Coopa
3 min readMar 20, 2023

All the Moments Stay Here

A comment took our bed out to Sea

She moralize till morn rise

A lecture on the matter delayed so dim the lights on goodbyes

Tune Out MIA symbolize a Warning

a beautiful blonde woman’s head rising above a distant mountain range with an orange cloud covering her head while blue irregularly shaped bubbles populate the picture while another woman is in the foreground

Cool laid out right

insight into particulars

Something in the little Joys You Destroy

Take Out I wanna see the charm alive again

Formal in eyes but so loosely with the heart is when

The combo of the radicals come and go

Cooing at the kindness that flees but tethered to the border

Army of untamable pantomimes comes to order

Animated Silence Adorns Us

Bumming a ride with no distance in mind never show rust

You gliding over senses that you want to be

Flawlessly in sync but don’t consider me

To give you any wind for your ride

Whisper with the intention of a robbery

Coloring time with a jaded insincerity

You fool em for another day

Good For You

Come in with your Wide Eyes

Too soon for playing those games

Am I really warmer for getting out from under of your shade

Took em along to the folly of foolishness and gold

Every swine with a story to be sold

Sugar high is bloody divine but it’ll never soothe you

Pick another time for your combat

Rest your Army

I don’t mind borrowed time but just give it a purpose

Cuz we no longer have to wait

The line we stand on is imagined

1. A female figure in a blue dress poses before a majestic mountain range made up of strange clouds. 2. A woman stands gracefully in a blue dress, framed by the towering presence of a mountain. 3. Against a backdrop of rugged peaks, a woman in a blue dress stands poised and serene.

They’re gone and in a way I am feeling merrily

Soul delisted just before the charity

Starts sowing all the doubts to the wind

Ally saw you come in like a feather

But blown by the winds of some alien weather

You’ll be drifting to a floor

That won’t carry your weight

If they falling in line they will

Come into the fallout it seems we don’t play both kinds

I guess another lever for calming all the rising goes fine

So take em along to the folly of the foolishness and gold

Empathy light swagger collision

Let you go

All The Moments Stay Here