Branamo Coopa
2 min readMay 7, 2023

Love is Now a Ghost

Present but obscured

Do not allay your assumptions fears

You’ll be lining them up for decades

Just to keep them near

Seen you battle similar waves before

But we are not assured

Consequences will be your cure

You’ll finally learn the lesson

From those honey tongued guides

Enemy lines that are so loosely ill defined

The dubious smile from a soul entwined in

Another cautionary tale on the loose

The groundhog ran away

Clock moves forward now

All of the patterns you hold so dear

Are piling up in bunches in the rearview mirror

Ounce for ounce you’ll find gold inside

Converted into lava by your pride

Rolling over all the foolish masters

You are carrying them to the cliff

Where the gravity hides

Once you engage with the goodbyes that never end

Your alibi will no longer try to pretend

Passion despotic

Turning up in your logic

Colonizing with the charm of a gun

We don’t excuse you from the devil inside

Your good intentions have long gone numb

Careless when you push it too far

You’re taking all of my good nature apart

Maybe fucking with fiction

When the truth is at your door

Will not allow you to shine your virtue

Along a path that may

Open the story to a newer cast here today

You can immortalize anything

That’s beyond your stare

Sirens on the shore

And this moment has no melody

So drown those chords

Fervently undone

Barely on time to watch the seekers go blind

Your brailing from a river so dry

Taken down treasure troves with no warning

So busy with your words as you are lazy with your grace

Don’t deny that you won’t even try

Perpetual melee make it tough to find your way

Even in maze gardens

Where the shrubs are knee high

Go on you’ve swung

But take those vines down before they follow

Save it for a minute to get you by

This day won’t go