What Do You Always Buy Online?
Megan Reynolds

Dude, how come you don’t wanna buy groceries online? It’s awesome. About ten months ago, as I was coping with something very difficult and sad, I realized I just. could. not. deal. with going to big box stores or buying cereal or the emotional energy required for chatting with *everyone* from my entire town at Whole Foods anymore. I found a grocery service (that has since merged with another grocery service so I won’t bother naming it) which specialized in organic options and tried it out. I took my usual grocery list, then found everything I would normally get on the website, put it in the cart, and… it cost me about $15 more. Done and done! It was totally, 110% worth it to me to pay for convenience of not having to get in my car and drive out to a grocery store and make a million decisions. It was so helpful because it freed up time for me to simply process something else that I really needed extra time and emotional energy to process.