Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

It’s been at least a year since I attempted to estimate my weekend spending, but this a tight month (due to a $700 car repair and a determination to not touch our savings or credit cards). So, we’ve “gotta” get to the end of July on about $400 (all bills are paid and contributions to savings have been made, so that’s just for groceries and “fun” money).

  1. Transportation to and from a festival: it’ll probably be public transportation each way. So, I’m guessing around $20 for two people. We might have some money on a train card already so that could cost could be lower.
  2. We’ll need to purchase food at this day-long festival and I am *not* about to get hangry. No outside food is permitted and neither is re-entry, so I’m guessing we’re gonna spend about $75 on food. Maybe it’ll be less, but I don’t wanna underestimate on this.
  3. Groceries: we’ve got a fair amount of food already, but I know we need to think about the week ahead. I’ll estimate $90 and keep my fingers crossed we can go lower.
  4. We are gonna drop off some curtains at a tailor. Hoping the cost will be about $40.

Total estimated weekend expenses: $225

I’m tryin’ to drum up some extra cash here and there by selling unwanted things on Craigslist (hey, it worked for me in May) to help make it easier to get to the end of the month. We’ll see!

Ha, Nicole Dieker, I just realized this is kind of a halfway there story (except it’s about being halfway through the month, not the year).

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