Caffeina, Italian Independent Communication Agency, launches the digital company model of the future: the Creative Company

Caffeina Crew
Oct 29 · 4 min read

While there is still a divide between above the line and below the line, online from offline, there are also those who are making the difference by bringing people and brands together through their experiences. While everyone is still talking about Digital Transformation, Caffeina, born in the digital world, launches a new agency model to guide the Experience Transformation: the Creative Company.

Caffeina’s new mission.

Milan, October 1st, 2019 — The place everyone wants to be. The place of change. The digital business model of the future. In an era in which consumers are looking for emotional experiences more and more rather than ordinary products, Caffeina, Italian Independent Agency, has intercepted and studied new trends in the market and people’s behaviors in recent months in great depth, and today it launches a brand-new agency model that will guide companies and agencies in the age of Experience Transformation: the Creative Company.

Caffeina has indeed redefined the traditional agency model and has evolved from Omnichannel Agency into Creative Company, to help its customers become Experience Brands, creating impactful experiences that fuel new energy between people and brands, thanks to a new concept of Creativity.

The Creative Company is in fact the place where creativity, imagination and invention become liquid concepts, that characterise the new approach throughout the organization and in the individual disciplines.

“Caffeina is facing a total change — comments Tiziano Tassi, CEOI am very satisfied with the work developed together with the management team because it represents a very strong change that will innovate our industry and create an agency model with which the brands will want to work in the next 10 years.

Creative Company means uniting extremely different worlds, which bring together the six areas of Caffeina: Strategy, Technology, Communication, Design, Client Services and Corporate. This allows, on the one hand, the ability to think out of the box, to take the difficult roads or explore those yet to be discovered to create innovation and find new solutions; on the other hand, the ability to organize, give structure, define clear and consistent flows. Creativity goes beyond communication: it comes from the integration of different worlds, disciplines and methods, ranging from traditional creative thinking, to design thinking techniques, from technological knowledge to design methodologies and the ability to perform strategic business analysis.

In the Creative Company, these worlds merge to serve a single objective: the creation of impactful experiences. Here, people with different skills come together to create great experiences. This model is indeed based on the union of horizontal and vertical elements: Hexa Teams and Creator Lines. Hexa Teams are multidisciplinary teams that always work together, consisting of a Strategic Planner, a Creative Technologist, an Experience Designer, a Copywriter, an Art Director and an Account Manager. Creator Lines, on the other hand, are the vertical teams of the organization, allowing Caffeina to operate in specific areas with important and specific know-how, guaranteed by Production, Content, Media Strategy, Project Management, Product Development and UX/UI Design teams.

How the Creative Company is organized.

However, the path taken is far from over: it represents the basis of a new beginning for the company, which has important growth ambitions.

“The extraordinary element of this work is the desire to change when, for Caffeina, there was no need to do so — says Tiziano Tassi, CEO — Today, however, we have a scalable model that helps write the new foundations of communication and marketing of the future and that can develop further with other companies that want to undertake a path of common growth.

Caffeina, founded in 2011 in Italy, has seen exponential growth both in terms of income and staff: after closing 2018 with more than €6 million in revenue, up 28% compared to 2017, the forecast for 2019 is close to €8 million. The staff currently includes 130 professionals in creativity, technology, design and strategy, based in three Italian cities: Parma, Rome and Milan. Over the past year, in particular, Caffeina has seen the entry of important figures at the top, which have allowed for further consolidation of the organizational structure. Moreover, more than half of the people are women and the working environment is definitely international, with 11% people coming from different parts of the world, from the United States to the Old Continent. And growth will continue. Since the beginning of the year more than 50 people have been hired, of which more than 30 in the last 6 months.

Caffeina’s service plan.
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