So let’s talk about money for a little bit. There was a point in my short time on earth where I never really cared about money. For me the important thing was as long as I can pay my bills and I have a little extra left I am good. Until the day I was given a short contract and I was earning £200 a day. That suddenly changed my view on money. I could walk into the shop and buy anything without having to think twice. Things I never paid attention to because I didn’t have the money now caught my attention. I could help my parents and lend money to people without hesitation. When the contract ended and it was time to go back to uni my mind and perspective had changed. A seed of love for money had been planted in my heart. I had to go back to working as a waiter and even picked up an evening job as a bartender. At one point I became angry and unhappy, not just because now I longer have the same income but certain circumstance had come up and I needed the level of finance to sort it out. I even tried to get a contract while I was uni, I considered missing lectures and catching up online.

I remember a lesson that Mike Nwanegbo taught me about the characteristic of money, he said “money likes to destroy people and money likes going to where it can be maintained and looked after”. That’s why the rich get richer but also why money has been the downfall of many wealthy men. After a reprogramming my mind and thinking, remembering that God is my ultimate provider, I come to understand that money, YES, is very important and very much needed. I have a desire to make money but not so I can splash it out and buy flashy things (not saying there’s anything wrong with that to some extent), but I want to make money so I can carry out my dreams and visions, and leave a solid foundation form my generations to able to carry out bigger dreams and visions. That is what will bring me part of my happiness and money is now just a tool to get me there, not the final goal.

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