The Social Media of Chocolate Bars

We peel back the social layers of 10 Australian Chocolate Bar brands in the Confectionary category.

Facebook is the dominant choice of social channel for this category with 6 out of the 10 Chocolate Bar brands only have Facebook for their social — Their website is relegated to a page on a mother brand, rather than a standalone site with owned metrics.

According to BrandData, which tracks over 7,500 brands, in 311 categories, across 5 social channels, delivering one rank updated daily, Facebook is the least engaging channel, apart from YouTube. It is the number 1 engaging channel for 45 categories out of 311, with Instagram at 110, and Twitter at 160. Given the new visual context available to Twitter users, this channel should be considered by this category.

Image Source: Facebook user KitKatAu

Let’s take a closer look at KitKat Australia…

KitKat has almost 4 times as many engagement points as it’s nearest rival, Toblerone Australia.

A mixture of topical posts, irreverent event led commentary, recipe ideas with partner brands, and timely advertising led creative all combine to make KitKat the Number 1 Brand in Chocolate social.

KitKat has an engagement percentage almost 50 times the average for the Confectionary category, mainly coming from Facebook.

The overall Confectionary category puts KitKat at 9th with brands such as Starburst, 5 Gum, Chupa Chups and Skittles all doing better overall with their social.

Image Source: Facebook user cadburycherryripe & Toblerone

Toblerone Australia and Cadbury’s Cherry Ripe go head to head with interesting results.

Toblerone registers over double the engagement events at 257,690 versus Cherry Ripe at 122,022 in the last week, mainly in Facebook.

Cherry Ripe has a higher engagement percentage because they have more valuable engagement events than Toblerone for the last week — meaning they are generating more comments and shares than the easier and less engaging events such as likes, check ins and favourites.

Toblerone has a bigger audience than Cherry Ripe at 53,950 which is 112% higher than Cherry Ripe at 25,487.

Neither brand has Instagram or YouTube, and both should consider it given the Confectionary category has 25% of its brands hold an Instagram account and 43% nurturing a YouTube account.

*Insights gained from 2nd March 2016 data.

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