Cody Simpson Enters The Immigration Debate

Very, very interesting social campaign released by the UN on Friday.They persuaded Australian pop star Cody Simpson to temporarily hand over his social media accounts to a Syrian refugee, as part of a campaign to highlight the world’s humanitarian crisis.

Full story on SMH here

Simpson’s participation was applauded by his Arab fans but seemed to cause confusion among many of his 15 million twitter and Facebook followers.

Despite a clear announcement of what was about to take place –

The refugee-channelling pop star’s announcement about heading off to a new country to seek asylum prompted one follower to post on Simpson’s Facebook site: “When you say new life are [you] thinking of quitting making music for GOOD. PLEASE DON’T.”

Minor fan confusions aside, the data reveals Simpson to be a solid choice for the campaign. Brand Data ranks him as the 8th hottest Australian pop star in terms of his digital engagement, including a No.1 position on YouTube and No.2 position on Instagram. (Local boy-band 5 Seconds Of Summer rank No.1, enigmatic songstress Sia is at No.2).

The idea of a brand piggybacking on a celebrity’s social channels is nothing new — but the concept of a multiple-post handover is intriguing, and deserves to succeed.

Social is all about conversation not broadcast, and as we all know, a talented conversationalist is one who allows others to speak.

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