Digital Publications at war

  • Digital Publications Top Ten is not dominated by one sub sector — rather, it features a wide range of news, parenting, food, lifestyle and music varieties. The top 3 positions are consistently held by the same 3 brands and then the next 7 positions tend to move around daily
  • News Corp dominates the top spots
  • Topical controversial posts win — #LoveWins and if it will influence #Marriage Equality in Australia has been a winning topic for the likes of Buzzfeed which is currently posting huge 242.3% engagement rates.
  • The Average Engagement for brands in Digital Publications is 32.4%.
  • The channel with the highest average engagement for brands in Digital Publications is Facebook at 40.6%.
  • has the largest comined audience of 649,912 with 31.9% engagement. Other brands with high combined audiences have low engagement but News has a consistent engaged audience.
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