Jon Snow, You Know Nothing About Social Media. Or Do You?

The world’s biggest TV show — you may have heard of it, it’s called Game of Thrones — has just arrived back on our screens.

So to celebrate, we’re taking a look at television, and examining how social engagement experts BrandData rank Australia’s TV stations.

Image Source: Instagram user foxtel

Social media has become a crucial battleground for the TV channels. We’ve always passed comment on whatever was on TV, but in the past, we were only commenting to our spouse and our dog. Today, we’re telling the whole of Facebook who we believe the Bachelor should hook up with, and we’re live-tweeting The Block from the couch.

Hence why today’s TV executives are desperate for shows that will start conversations in Social, since all the research indicates that the biggest driver of what makes someone watch a programme is whether a friend of theirs has chatted about it online.

So in this most vital of channels, which Australian TV stations are doing well? Surely it’ll be the savviest, most commercial broadcasters? Actually no. It’s good old Auntie.

The ABC is the no.1 TV station in terms of online engagement, according to BrandData’s rankings. Most of their engagement is via their website. The ABC is also fairly popular on Facebook (ranks 5th), YouTube (ranks 10th) and Instagram (ranks 6th).

SBS has a smallish audience for its TV shows, but it’s obviously a highly engaged audience. The broadcaster is ranked third overall for social engagement and does so through insightful analysis and current content with a point of view.

Child-snatchers Nine Network are second.

As you’d expect, the News stations do well on Twitter, which has long since proven its worth as a breaking news source. The No.1 Australian TV station on Twitter is Sky News, and at No.2 is ABC News 24.

Who says Facebook’s for the older crowd? The No.1 TV station in terms of fan engagement on the Zuckerberg network is MTV Australia. Anyone interested in string theory or moral philosophy is going to be severely disappointed, but anyone looking for pop culture trash will find a goldmine here, with content including a feature on Kendall Jenner’s tattoos, Gigi Hadid’s “adorable” nickname for boyfriend Zayn Malik and this quote from a ‘character’ on Geordie Shore: “I haven’t been this relieved since the last time I emptied my balls.”

Meanwhile, Foxtel — the home of Game of Thrones — ranks second in terms of social engagement in Australia, among cable, streaming and subscription services, coming in 1st in facebook but 3rd in all other channels. So it’s not quite “You know nothing, Jon Snow” but you do have a little bit of catching up to do.